Honda Water Pumps

Water generally prefers to take its own course, but a portable Honda water pump has the superior power and high-pumping pressure to persuade it to go where you want it to — whether to irrigate a garden, empty a pool or quickly empty a flooded basement. When you need help to bail you out of trouble, you can be sure that you have a pump that will go with the flow.

Inside each Honda water pump are high-tech features developed during more than 20 years of innovation. State-of-the-art, durable construction, high-power engines and lightweight for easy portability - they all add up to superior pumping performance.

Complete Lineup

No two jobs are the same, so Honda offers a complete line of water pumps to assist you with everything from garden irrigation and pool maintenance to heavy-duty drainage work on the job site – that’s more choice than our competitors offer. So, whether it is a transfer, trash or high-pressure pump, Honda has a water pump to meet your exact needs.

Impeller Construction

Honda water pumps adhere to the highest standards of quality in every aspect of their design. Rugged, cast-iron impellers and mechanical seals ensure years of reliable service, and they also contribute to a Honda pump's ability to maintain maximum discharge capacity.

Honda’s Water Pumps also have a wide range of accessories available for use including multiple types and lengths of hoses, garden hose adapters, nozzle kits, strainers and rings as well as various clamp sets and coupling parts. Honda has the accessories you need to get the job done.

See All the Honda Pumps at this Link:                http://powerequipment.honda.ca/waterpumps